The Blood Bank

Once upon a time a woman named Kayla walked into the Blood Bank.

The Blood Bank was filled with the elderly, who loved to donate Blood.

The Building was right on East Blvd., next to the diary, which was right next to a maximum-security prison.

The building shined a Clorox-like whiteness that one could see for two miles in each direction.

The people in the Blood Bank remained very obedient.

Obedient to the point of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Kayla could not understand how in 800 square feet of building you could see hundreds of people.

The amount of blood collected could fill Balboa Stadium and more.

Kayla, a married Buddhist, believed that in her heart of hearts that she was helping to save lives, but little did she know, she provided food to a whole different race of beings.

When Kayla gave blood, she was sure to enter the Clorox-white building with food in her stomach.

She would deposit at least one gallon of blood every single time she went to the Blood Bank.

She also enjoyed the candies they left of the table, the one pound sample box from See’s Candies.

She also mentioned that she loved the juice with all her heart because being Buddhist, one cannot drink too much of anything at all.

It is only a problem, when you acknowledge something is a problem.

Before she left the place of business, she could have the OCD complexed workers calling in patients like a herd of cattle.

They had so many people to process.

Each donor had a specific ID that were the food batch of the area.

The new race of people have been in Hawaii since 1827, when the first British Captain Percival came and introduced his indentured servants to the Islands.

Back in the day, there was no such thing as a blood bank; however, one could truly see why bloodletting worked the best in those times.

Instead of the blood bank becoming the main place for food, the hospitals became the smorgasbord of food.


Be A Writer


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As long as I can remember, my family and I loved to read stories that take us to another dimension. First, my love came from listening to music; the lyrics of songs make my heart sing from the musical notes and the words put together.

Even today, when I listen to motivational lyrics in a song, it takes me to another level of happiness. It was not until Marie Hara told me about my knack for using my imagination that I started to believe; but, I always believed in writing for personal consumption only. I felt as though I wrote for historical purposes only. To record life and thoughts of one person.

Why am I so important?

I am important because I add a lot of value to people by telling them an inspiring story of hope and faith.

There are 5 main reasons why I write:

  1. I have content that everyone can read
  2. Writing can be therapeutic
  3. Providing you have the right platform, you will live in infamy
  4. As a writer you formulate information in the minds of the world
  5. As a writer you defy the laws of physics

I have content that everyone can read (utility/usefulness).

No matter who you are, you have had an experience. Show it! People love to hear stories so they can vicariously live through you.

Writing can be therapeutic (relaxing/rejuvenating).

When I begin to write, the problems my front teeth pain fade away. The struggles I go through is obliterated by the blink of an eye.

Providing you have the night platform you will live in infamy (popularity/star quality).

Many writers became famous, only after they have long gone left Earth. Why? Because they had no platform. Now, you can blog, write books, and do seminars.

As a writer you formulate the information in the minds of the world (world builder/changer).

The more you write the more you believe.

As a writer you defy the laws of physics (magician).

Think about how many people could read your material with you not being anywhere in the room or even country. My readers in England and Canada can vogue for me.

-Koala Star

The Steps I Took to Become Educated


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I am going to just get right into it. Back in 1993, I started reading a lot. I would read the library shelves in the public library for entertainment purposes of course, with no sense of direction or what I wanted to do.

My favorite books at that time were TOR books. If you are not familiar with those books, just think of Science-Fiction and Fantasy books, then you will know what kind of books they are. In my freshman year in high school. I became with all intents and purposes a big fat nerd. I read books all day in school, all while learning everything else. This has been a passion of mine that has never died.

Another practice that I did was to join every single club that I could based on my amount of time that I had. I really did not do it because I had time to burn, but rather I did it in order to become a better student. In the Junior Prom Committee, Key Club, Computer Club, and various other clubs, I learned to be able to communicate with my peers and learned how to discuss various topics that I should have been working on because it was the topics of the time.

Not to mentioned every year, I did an internship during the summer at a museum, at a hospital, and even at the future University that I would attend for my undergraduate degree.

At the University of Hawaii, I became a pre-med major and set on course to becoming a Psychiatrist. In pre-med, this is where I somehow lost the love for science and regained the love of reading literature. I can list hard facts and use them in order to do research but at the end of the day, I felt as if this endeavor was filled with boring humdrum, noise that I would much rather leave of to people who are good at it. Please note: I am really good at it but it is quite boring for me.

My last semester was filled with the phrase,

I must graduate no matter what!

Because I was only getting further and further into debt with no income. I turned to literature and majored in English. Then, I set off to go into the workforce thinking that my degree would help. Yes, my degree would help me, but not in the eyes of my employer. My employer wanted 10 years of experience, or maybe I just did not say that I wanted to become a manager enough to justify my degree.

Then, I switched the method in which I got paid, through working for commission sales. The goals were strict and if you did not make your quota then you were fired. This really got me thinking about how I can make sure that I had the right education to do something different. During my tiny stint doing commission sales, I earned my Master of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. This is where I get all my good information from and why I am so successful today. The rigorous decision-making education thought me that you input my be more than your output. But, I did not learn this until I went to graduate school. Then, ultimately, I was hired by my alma mater.

While I work as a student services counselor, I learned that again my passion for reading never went away. I love to cuddle up with a nice book and drink some coffee for pleasure above anything else. It reminds me of the good old days when my college buddies would gather at Starbucks on Ward Avenue and read and write for school.

So going back to the steps that I took to become educated. I read and wrote even when I did not want to. I spent long hard hours writing papers. I questioned every little detail when it came to subject interpretations as well as hard facts. But, most of all I made sure that I learned what I needed to, in order to do my job well.

They say that only 50% have Bachelors degrees, 25% have Masters Degrees and right now I am working on my 3rd.

-Koala Star


Do you think that people want to know the best side of you, or the worst side of you?


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For a dear friend’s 40th birthday party, I took the day and night off from my career and my part-time job. He thanked me for taking off for his birthday, which I appreciated a lot. I was going for improving the connection that we have already made. I took the entire day off to accommodate him to spend time with him and his wife, which made me so overjoyed. It was a day I would never forget and looked forward to.

By the end of the night, he washed all the dishes from his own birthday party, and I really did not know that he was washing dishes over the span of two hours. In the meantime, I shared stories with his wife’s cousin, who is coincidentally my cousin as well. This does not surprise me at all. As we chatted, I brought up some negative experiences that I had with alcohol, the law, and violence in my past. In the mean time, my honey joined in the conversation. As we spoke about our indiscretions and horrible pasts, my honey came into the mix and gave a strong statement,

Do you want to live as an alcoholic again? If you keep talking about it then it will hold you back.

Then, he shared that if you are going to share a story about yourself, then you really should make it a good one.

This reminds me of what my mother used to say,

If you have nothing good to say, then do not say anything at all.

Until today, I have not really heeded her warning, and I continue to learn that I must speak only good of others. What you speak of will surely become your reality.

I also met a woman at my part-time job that preaches the words of positivity. She says, that we should make sure to make up a good story with more or less positive outcomes rather than bad stories that leaves us in defeat.

Anyhow, as I spoke with my distant cousin. He talked about his experience in jail. He talked about how terrible it is even after jail in the outside world, being a victim to a mistaken identity hit. He shared that the person who false cracked him passed away because he overdosed on drugs, but shared that the real story is that he died because a bunch of people murdered him.

Averianna did not stand for this type of talk. I added my negative two cents by describing a terrible thing that happened to me in the past and how three people mysteriously died. There is more to life than a horrible past. There is positive contributions that we can offer the world. Averi reminded my cousin and I of the real struggle as we thread into the future inventing ourselves as time goes on.

I shared with Averi that I noticed that the more successful I become, the fewer people actually contact me. They only want to live in their dramas and revel in their excuses of defeat and unhappiness. Seemingly people who do not care for you will constantly want to see you fail. If you are more successful than them, they do not embrace that, but rather are afraid to approach you because they are intimidated by the new you. As he explained that my cousin and I should not dwell in the past, my cousin said that Averi was speaking of the same information that he is learning in his class, short for group therapy.

At first, I was irritated by the comment, but after a while of thinking about exactly what Averi was trying to say, I understood.

The moral of this post is just that,

You should speak of positive outcomes for yourself. You should remember but not verbalize the ignorance of your past.

Averi said,

You have a problem with you past or an obstacles and you feel sorry yourself. Can you change it?

My honey makes an awesome point. In other words, why bother with something in your past that you cannot change? My goal from that conversation moving forward, is to find solutions and share those rather than talk about something that we cannot change.

-Koala Star


January 16th, 2017

Today, I woke up still affected with an Upper Respiratory Tract infection. This does not stop me from waking up and cooking breakfast and helping with all the chores that need to be done. Well, at least in my mind, I am productive.

We must ensure that people do what they are supposed to do but why.

Time After Time

Time and time again I find myself looking at the clock.

But, I bet you never seen a clock like this!

I wake up in the morning to an alarm that blares go to work. Then, when I am finished working, I need to rush to my other work.

A couple years ago, I told myself that I was not going to waste my time working. So, what do I do, I get a part-time job, again.

I thought to myself do I need this job and the answer is,

Yes, for now…

Do I love my jobs?

Yes, I do.

No matter what you do in life you need to progress through the time you have. Gravity takes away your life by making the cells in your body older.

You try to deny gravity and you will ultimately fail miserably because gravity is the most powerful force in the universe as we know it.

Mass 1 + Mass 2 = Attraction ~ Gravity. How ironic is that if you bring two things together they will most likely want to naturally want to remain together.

Click on this link to find some amazing clocks to tell you what time it is.

-Koala Star

Now I Freeze (See, touch, feel, and hold)

As I sit outside with my Pajamas, on- the rain falls and splashes on the pavement, the only thing I can think of is,

Where is my Star Turtle?

And Star Turtle giggles. As the cars pass they make thundering splashing sounds that ring through the street. The birds are as loquacious as usual.

Kitty Sjofn coughs because of the dust and smoke from the road. Flip flops and slippers drum toward the north, neighbors using their umbrella to shield them from the cold.

Garbage trucks empty the trash on Gullick Avenue. Produce warehouses start their days. An airplane flies overhead to make altitude.

Still, I freeze from the 70-degree weather. Peeling cigarettes make scratching sounds in the ashes tray.

Poops vibrate the plastic chairs.

Star Turtle giggles and smiles and yawns, rubbing his right arm with his left because it is cold.

Still, I have the chickens cock-a-doodle-doing. And the birds are cooing. The cars never stop going from Dillingham to Bannister, then up to King.

The reverse alarms of delivery trucks blare for their shipments. Today is Friday, and we are cutting it close.

Hey, wait a minute I smell bacon and eggs, but do not feel the rice that stuck to my shirt.

Koala Star

Expression of Love Languages

Star Turtle knows that one of my love languages is Words of Affirmation, which is the reason why I receive love letters.

Sometimes I receive two love letters in the same day. Before and during work. Star Turtle’s love language is physical touch and spending time.

You would think that everyone is just like you because it makes life easier. Star Turtle has lived in Hawaii now for seven years, ever since moving from Missouri. Since I was born it has been 38 years.

Our anniversary dates are February 17th, 2011, 2012, and 2014. Now, back to the subject at hand.

When a car passes by your house and the person driving sticks his or her head out, mostly men, stare at you, does this mean that their love language is Words of Affirmation?

Now, let’s switch the focus and pay close attention to the love languages of our animals.

-Koala Star


Stomach Ache

This morning, I woke up with severe indigestion. My Stomach killed me awake; I had such a hard time staying asleep. My remedy was to get up and drink two glasses of water. I let the dogs out and sat on the recliner only to fall asleep again. Kitty came out of her room and asked,

What are you doing awake? I have been up since 4:00 AM.

The night before, I ate grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Star Turtle’s specialty. She butters the outside of the bread to make grilled toast with ham wrapped in four slices of cheese. At the time, they were delicious. This morning, I am suffering.

Rule to everyone reading, do not eat grilled ham and cheese after 6:00 PM otherwise you will have severe heartburn in the morning.

Trash Day

Sitting outside, I am staring at a bunch of trash on the road. They did not take it because trash day was on a national holiday, the observance of Christmas Day. The tenants took it down and brought it back up. Now, it just sits there waiting for Thursday, as the wind blows the trash up the street. At the same time, you can hear alarms, birds, and chickens singing cock-a-doodle-doo. No, communication was given to let the people know that the holiday calls for no trash pick-up. Instead, it just sits there collecting as many maggots as the trashcan can hold. I find it so ironic because normally during Christmas, the trash is full, then the New Year comes and fires start everywhere and anywhere.

-Koala Star

My and Your 2017 New Year’s Resolution

Many people are writing about their New Year’s Resolution and all I can say is,

Be careful what you write.

A New Year could mean new relationships or a new opportunity just waiting around the corner. You could meet a new friend or get a new job. You could even move to a less expensive city. But, we must all heed the warning,

be careful what you wish for.

To give you a concrete example when you say that you want to go on a diet, then your friends should not catch you eating this:wp-1482903145806.jpg

We are the creators of our own Universe. We are the ones who shape our own destinies. Our ideas turn into actions and every action we take turns into a behavior. So, if you say you are going to do something, then, follow through and do it. Utter the words and make it happen. You will love yourself more for it.

Happiness is a result of your emotions matching to your actions.

If you exude emotional dissonance, then you will most certainly be unhappy. Sometimes even when you do what you plan to do the outcome is the same because you are not satisfied with the result. My main New Year’s Resolution is to collect my thoughts in writing and share them with the world, to write on various topics, and then write a collective masterpiece to help people put tools under their belt to navigate through life.

Just when you thought it was over, it has only just begun.

So, if you find yourself creating a New Year’s Resolution, then you must hold yourself to your words.

So Mote it Be.

-Koala Star