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Have you met anyone so selfish that they stormed out of your life and ran away?

This is what happened with my cousin for the third time; strike three, he’s out.

He is my cousin because he is my dad’s cousin’s son. Also, he is my hanai nephew because he is my niece’s boyfriend.

He anxiously tells her, ‘Hey, we should sell the phone so we can buy tickets to the Imperial Court of Hawaii Coronation, go out on a date, do something, it really could have been anything.’ She says, ‘Hell, no.’

He starts to drink the Gin in my house to end up in a severe bad state.

He leaves, takes a laptop, supposedly used for rehab (WRAP) classes, takes his phone, and runs away to the streets to do more of himself.

Yesterday, I call his mother, my 2nd cousin, to let her know that he is out and about binge drinking and doing other addictions. She confirms that he needs help and I agree. She cares about her son and only wants the best for him. He can come home anytime and Auntie and Uncle will forgive him.

Yesterday, his friend calls him on Facebook and he doesn’t answer.

He calls back and he tries to quiet his ‘uncle.’

A few days later he calls a friend from a Crises Center in Salt Lake. The friends gives us the number and she calls him. She is mad and scolds him asking where is the phone and the computer. He has done wrong before. But, Auntie and Uncle forgive and give people a chance.

His dad wants to pick him up and take him to Hina Mauka.

His future Father-In-Law wants to go visit him.

How can so many people care about someone who cannot even feel love?

It is our responsibility to care for each other. We should take care of each other no matter the cost.

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