Yes, tomorrow, used to be fun. I used to dress up with tons of makeup and roam the streets of Kalihi looking for ghosts and other mischievous people on my bike. Then, we would go with my parents to the haunted house in Red Hill. There used to be a haunted house at the McDonald’s on Waiakamilo Road, too.

Now, that has all changed with people becoming less family, less community, and less helpful. People have been enjoying this tradition of getting scared for years. When we went back to school my classmates talked about the razor blades in the popcorn. People talked about the urban legends of poison in the candy.

What happen to our society that it resulted in this absurd way of living. Why can’t we give out candy? – like the Pharmacy used to at Kalihi Medical Center on North School Street, which is now an eye doctor with filthy equipment.

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