Have you ever had a question posed to you regarding your writing or your work? For me, not really. Not very many people have if they are writer. Normally, they are the ones asking the questions not the other way around. The main question that I have asked my author friends over the years is, how did you write a book? Many of them say, one word at a time on the computer or with a pen. I am by no means a published author, but I am published. I have sold my words bit by bit and have done so professionally for a while. I write for a profession. I write emails, tickets, and notes that may either communicate information or persuade someone to do something. I am also an editor for a School of Business Newsletter for a University.

Because I love and respect Stephen King so much for his writing, I am going to share with you one tip from Stephen King with respect to writing. Stephen King mentions, “First write for yourself, and then worry about the audience” (King). In other words, at first, you should do that. Write for yourself and do not worry about whatever someone else thinks about your writing. At first, I thought that what I wrote would not matter. That it would not hold value. That people will not read it. But, the reality is that many people read what I write because they have interest in doing so.

Also, do not be afraid to put your words out there. Do not be afraid of putting your heart and soul in the open. This is what people want to read. In addition, the more you hide from others the more you will NOT write. Get your computer out and start writing if you need to. Then, King says, “then worry about the audience” (King). In other words, write as much as you can and then go back and edit if you are concerned about your audience. But, here is a little secret. Secrets never get you anywhere and if you market your goals and strategies by telling others then you will only scratch the surface of your true potential.

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