When I was first connected to Paganism, it came from pretending with my first cousin to hear a piece of coral in the middle of the ocean.

At that point, I knew that I was connected to the Earth, while she and I swam in the ocean.

Then, as I grew older I used psychic powers to locate my older brother knowing that my soul mission was to use my mind and instinct to find him.

Then, one by one our family grew separately slowly by slowly my strengths grew stronger. At first, I thought that the power I felt was evil, until I met my soul mate. Star Turtle who taught me the value of ancient knowledge and how to use it.

I believe in sending out healing powers to the world to end all pain and suffering.

I believe that through channeling energy through objects, you can grow your spiritual strength beyond the physical world.

So Mote it Be.

-Koala Star

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