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Contrary to popular belief, a prayer is a spell. When you pray for someone, to God, or even the Blessed Virgin Mary, you pray to a higher power, a higher power than you; who can fulfill your every wish and desire, not command. We all say prayers when we have run out of luck, time, or even hope.


As you tell yourself coping statements throughout the day, you are putting your thoughts into effect. As you pray aloud, you are putting the thoughts into words in the world for everyone to follow. As the universe follows and God hears you, sometimes your prayers will be answered.


My cousin is experiencing some hexing from her eldest sister. As a person who believes that thought equals power, I prayed for my house to be protected. I pray for protection around me. I WILL it into play with power that I believe in. I also pray to God for the safety of people who send us, my family, or myself anything negative.

Here is my advice. If you feel like someone is bothering you, whether it be metaphysical or physical harassment.


I recommend these benevolent steps:


  1. Get some rope.
  2. Light a candle.
  3. Tie knots into that rope.
  4. Recite quietly or aloud the ways in which that person cannot NOT harm you.
  5. At the end focus on a candle and visualize the Pillars of Power of your Genie to wish good to come to the person trying to harm you.

In the end. You must wish GOOD to others. You want to create a bubble of LOVE that surrounds the Earth from the moon and back to promote everlasting love and kindness.


So Mote it Be.


-Koala Star








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