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Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for reading my blog this year. At http://thefernia.com, https://naluahi.wordpress.com, and our other blogs and product websites, we cherish our friends and family dearly. During the Holidays, whether it be working hard to create capital for a new Hawaiian based Occult Store online or just doing continuous improvements to our spectacular website, we know the importance of family. We are lucky to have our immediate family and extended family, who support us in all that we do.

I would like to mention a few people for if it was not for them, our dreams would never have been born. Thank you to Randy Nalu Nunies and Cecilia Pualani Nunies. Thank you to Cheryl Renee Hahne and Clyde Eugene Hurst. Thank you to R. Kaikala Lau-del Rosario and J. S. Kamealoha Lau del-Rosario. Thank you to Sarah Nykole del-Rosario. Also, thank you to all the others that I did not mention for without the culmination of all your feedback, Fernia would not possess the wings that it currently flies on.

Today, you should take the time, on this Holy Day to think about how you can help people though knowledge, skills, attributes, or even in their philosophies, which helps that potentially empowered individual to change their life for the better.

Spend time with your family and cherish every moment.

In life, I learned that the people you help will be the people that help you.

“o night divine / o night / when Christ was born / o night divine / o night / o holy night”

John Sullivan Dwight