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Christmas Eve was a wonderful day. Star Turtle and I went to my mother’s house to eat some fantastic Prime Rib cooked by my older brother. I also got to see my baby sister and her 3-month-old son Axl. I was pleasantly surprised when my mother and father gave me a gift just before I was about to leave.

Speaking of my loving parents, my parents always want what is best for me. They always give me warning signs throughout my life to protect me. They make that I have enough of anything that I really need and now I see the value in having loving parents. Other people have parents, who for whatever reason, disown them and really do not feel that they are responsible for their child’s well-being or maybe perhaps it is just a perspective.

Going back to the delicious menu, because the food was very delicious; on the menu, we had prime rib, noodles, rice, mushrooms, and garlic butter. Also, on the menu we had sashimi (raw fish) with shoyu. My sister’s mother-in-law brought a yellow cake from her own recipe collection that reminded me of cornbread because of the texture, but it was very delicious.

Forgive my rambling as this journal is to remain as open and as discombobulated as possible to show you how I think.

Star Turtle and I got some last-minute gifts in my tradition of buying things that match the person that I am buying the gift for.

The latest comments we got from purchasing last-minutes gifts were that we are “so thoughtful.” The funny part is that our thoughts and actions remain purely of Love and Affection for the person that we are buying the gift for. Star and I remain a team that only do things with serious intentions of Love.

I have learned that in life, one must prepare to do great things. Without preparation, disaster awaits and in the end, you are the only person who can change the way others think about you through your good deeds and actions.

People may make demands but control is not the way to progress.