Currently, on Netflix, I just start watching the show called Magnificent Century. Noticeably, the music and the backgrounds reminds me of Queen Seon Deok, a Korean drama that took place way back when in the Korean dynasty.

Magnificent Century takes place in the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century and is a tale about one of the Sultans who seemingly helps the empire reign for 100 years. This show begins with a bunch of female slaves who are captured from modern day Poland, past-tense Russia who are sold to the Sultan and later put into a Harem. One of the concubines rise to power by having a son with the Sultan and overthrowing the 1000-year-old tradition of the Sultan having multiple concubines. At first, it is confusing because the Turkish series has a lot of subtitles. You need to guess if the English translations are accurate.

In this show, each series ends during a serious conflict. The conflicts keep on growing in the order of a narrative profluence and one cannot really guess what is the next step that the concubine Hurrem must take. However, you will find that there is one episode in the first series where Hurrem goes crazy because her son almost dies in a fire. The sultan later condemns her and scolds her before he goes to war. The question is with all the good that she is doing for the kingdom, will the Sultan ever give his affection to her again after she accused the first prince of setting a fire to children’s’ playroom? Here you can see that a level of crises is at an all-time high at this point.

Overall, I am a very busy person so as I am watching the show, I am constantly falling asleep. Perhaps if the Turkish people could write a novel, then I could see the dramas unfold while I am most alert. In addition, I think that the issues and crises that Queen Seon Deok presents seem similar. One can see that in the Ottoman Empire, religion seems to be more one-on-one rather than any one person who oversees the church which to me decreases some of the necessary drama that the show needs.