You should most definitely believe that your work can evolve.

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I’ve mentioned last week I’m writing a post-apocalypse themed short story. I also brought up how it was another attempt at an idea I’ve tried before. Well, today is about that; It’s about rewriting. Yesterday marked the third iteration of the same story. I’ve been trying to manipulate it different ways but it still leaves me feeling disappointed.

In my first attempt, I thought I was onto something brilliant. I worked hours in editing, making sure things sounded exactly right. I toyed with the piece until I couldn’t see it for what it was. I sent it to my “beta readers”. They rejected it immediately. I broke the first writing rule you ever learn, “show, don’t tell.” I didn’t want to let the story go, so I shelved it.

In my second attempt, for all 2-3 weeks of it, I found I was hesitant to write. It carried the…

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