Stomach Ache

This morning, I woke up with severe indigestion. My Stomach killed me awake; I had such a hard time staying asleep. My remedy was to get up and drink two glasses of water. I let the dogs out and sat on the recliner only to fall asleep again. Kitty came out of her room and asked,

What are you doing awake? I have been up since 4:00 AM.

The night before, I ate grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Star Turtle’s specialty. She butters the outside of the bread to make grilled toast with ham wrapped in four slices of cheese. At the time, they were delicious. This morning, I am suffering.

Rule to everyone reading, do not eat grilled ham and cheese after 6:00 PM otherwise you will have severe heartburn in the morning.

Trash Day

Sitting outside, I am staring at a bunch of trash on the road. They did not take it because trash day was on a national holiday, the observance of Christmas Day. The tenants took it down and brought it back up. Now, it just sits there waiting for Thursday, as the wind blows the trash up the street. At the same time, you can hear alarms, birds, and chickens singing cock-a-doodle-doo. No, communication was given to let the people know that the holiday calls for no trash pick-up. Instead, it just sits there collecting as many maggots as the trashcan can hold. I find it so ironic because normally during Christmas, the trash is full, then the New Year comes and fires start everywhere and anywhere.

-Koala Star