Time and time again I find myself looking at the clock.

But, I bet you never seen a clock like this!

I wake up in the morning to an alarm that blares go to work. Then, when I am finished working, I need to rush to my other work.

A couple years ago, I told myself that I was not going to waste my time working. So, what do I do, I get a part-time job, again.

I thought to myself do I need this job and the answer is,

Yes, for now…

Do I love my jobs?

Yes, I do.

No matter what you do in life you need to progress through the time you have. Gravity takes away your life by making the cells in your body older.

You try to deny gravity and you will ultimately fail miserably because gravity is the most powerful force in the universe as we know it.

Mass 1 + Mass 2 = Attraction ~ Gravity. How ironic is that if you bring two things together they will most likely want to naturally want to remain together.

Click on this link to find some amazing clocks to tell you what time it is.

-Koala Star