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I am going to just get right into it. Back in 1993, I started reading a lot. I would read the library shelves in the public library for entertainment purposes of course, with no sense of direction or what I wanted to do.

My favorite books at that time were TOR books. If you are not familiar with those books, just think of Science-Fiction and Fantasy books, then you will know what kind of books they are. In my freshman year in high school. I became with all intents and purposes a big fat nerd. I read books all day in school, all while learning everything else. This has been a passion of mine that has never died.

Another practice that I did was to join every single club that I could based on my amount of time that I had. I really did not do it because I had time to burn, but rather I did it in order to become a better student. In the Junior Prom Committee, Key Club, Computer Club, and various other clubs, I learned to be able to communicate with my peers and learned how to discuss various topics that I should have been working on because it was the topics of the time.

Not to mentioned every year, I did an internship during the summer at a museum, at a hospital, and even at the future University that I would attend for my undergraduate degree.

At the University of Hawaii, I became a pre-med major and set on course to becoming a Psychiatrist. In pre-med, this is where I somehow lost the love for science and regained the love of reading literature. I can list hard facts and use them in order to do research but at the end of the day, I felt as if this endeavor was filled with boring humdrum, noise that I would much rather leave of to people who are good at it. Please note: I am really good at it but it is quite boring for me.

My last semester was filled with the phrase,

I must graduate no matter what!

Because I was only getting further and further into debt with no income. I turned to literature and majored in English. Then, I set off to go into the workforce thinking that my degree would help. Yes, my degree would help me, but not in the eyes of my employer. My employer wanted 10 years of experience, or maybe I just did not say that I wanted to become a manager enough to justify my degree.

Then, I switched the method in which I got paid, through working for commission sales. The goals were strict and if you did not make your quota then you were fired. This really got me thinking about how I can make sure that I had the right education to do something different. During my tiny stint doing commission sales, I earned my Master of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. This is where I get all my good information from and why I am so successful today. The rigorous decision-making education thought me that you input my be more than your output. But, I did not learn this until I went to graduate school. Then, ultimately, I was hired by my alma mater.

While I work as a student services counselor, I learned that again my passion for reading never went away. I love to cuddle up with a nice book and drink some coffee for pleasure above anything else. It reminds me of the good old days when my college buddies would gather at Starbucks on Ward Avenue and read and write for school.

So going back to the steps that I took to become educated. I read and wrote even when I did not want to. I spent long hard hours writing papers. I questioned every little detail when it came to subject interpretations as well as hard facts. But, most of all I made sure that I learned what I needed to, in order to do my job well.

They say that only 50% have Bachelors degrees, 25% have Masters Degrees and right now I am working on my 3rd.

-Koala Star